Q. Can my dog/cat take the Urinary & Skin Support Capsules as well as the Kidney Tincture?
A. Yes, our supplements can be taken in combination.

Q. My dog/cat has been taking Denes Respiratory Support Capsules for 2 months now, should I stop them? Will it do any harm to give them all the time?
A. All of our remedies and supplements are safe to give long-term and, in fact, you will often get better results if you do. Many owners give Respiratory SupportUrinary & Skin Support and Complete Healthcare on a daily basis to keep their animals in peak condition.

Q. Someone recommended Denes Kidney Tincture for my cat, which has cystitis, but I’m worried it will harm her kidneys. Is this right?
A. No. Denes herbal remedies can be given to help prevent problems occurring, as well as to relieve symptoms already present. They will not have a harmful effect on healthy organs.

Q. My dog/cat has been taking Denes Urinary & Skin Support Capsules for 4 days and he/she is no better, does that mean the capsules aren’t working?
A. No. herbs have a subtle effect and it can take up to two weeks for them to start working and about a month for an improvement to be seen. This is especially true of chronic conditions.

Q. Can I open the capsules and put the contents in food?
A. Yes.

Q. My bitch/queen is pregnant/feeding her young, is it OK to give your supplements?
A. In general our supplements (except Kittening & Whelping and Complete Healthcare) should not be given to pregnant or nursing animals. They can be given once again when the young are weaned.

Q. My dog has a very dry coat and I am thinking of giving her your Evening Primrose Oil capsules. However she is also epileptic and I have heard that evening primrose oil can make this condition worse. Is this correct?
A. Yes, this is unfortunately true. Evening primrose oil is known to make some epileptic animals worse so we would not recommend it in this situation. However our Complete Healthcare Powder and Urinary & Skin Support Capsules can also help with skin problems and are worth considering as alternatives.

Q. I gave my dog/cat the Urinary & Skin Support Capsules and they had diarrhoea. Should I stop them?
A. It is extremely rare for this to happen. None of our products should cause diarrhoea. The only time this might happen is if either your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach or if they are allergic to nettles (or any other herb in our capsules), although this once again is very rare. It’s probably wise to stop giving the capsules if you suspect either of these problems. Occasionally the nettles in the Urinary & Skin Support Capsules can cause the motions to become softer than usual and tinged green for a few days. The urine may also smell stronger. This is normal and will pass. Don’t stop giving the capsules.

Q. Can I give Denes supplements to my rabbit/horse/etc.?
A. Our supplements have been formulated for use in dogs and cats only. If you give them to other animals, you will have to take responsibility for any adverse effects. The exception is Probiotic+ Powder, which we know is safe to give to rabbits and small rodents.

Q. Can I give my dog or cat your supplements while they are taking veterinary treatment?
A. Overall, the two can be given at the same time. There are some exceptions and it is better to check with us first or your own vet.