Our History

Denes was launched on 15th February 1951.

We believe we are the oldest pet supplements brand in the world.

Denes was started by a vet called Buster Lloyd Jones.

He had noticed in his garden how some animals self-medicated when they felt unwell by eating grass and other herbs. So, he bought some natural herbs, dried them out and began offering these natural alternatives to the dogs and cats that were brought to his surgery as complimentary medicines when surgery or chemical medication weren’t required.

He continued as a vet throughout his life, whilst also writing six best-selling books on natural pet therapies. Through this he became the go-to vet for the national newspapers, wireless and television and became the most famous vet in the UK for all the famous stars and celebrities of the time and even numbering Winston Churchills dogs among his clients.

Buster sadly died in the 1980’s and the business was passed to one of his relatives who asked Tim Couzens who was a relatively newly qualified vet to become his replacement.

Since that time Tim has worked diligently to understand herbal medicines and has become the perhaps the most qualified vet in holistic and complementary medicines in the UK, running the Holistic Veterinary Medical Centre in the UK. He also writes regularly for all media sources.

After more than 30 years Tim, still advises on all matters of Denes and nothing is done without his explicit confirmation and he still answers all consumer questions that come into Denes

Denes is now part of the Petproject group which founded the thrive pet foods brand and the ComfyCollar dog and cat medical collar for post-operative care.