Giving Tablets and Capsules to your Cat or Dog

Giving tablets to your pet can be difficult and stressful for both of you. Ideally it is best to hide tablets, either whole or crushed, in your pet’s food or in a very palatable treats such as Thrive freeze dried treats. Crushed tablets can also be mixed with food which helps disguise the taste.

Giving tablets to your cat

If you prefer to give tablets directly to your pet, cats and smaller dogs should be wrapped in a towel and held firmly by a helper. Gently, tilt their head back and press the corners of the mouth to open it, then pull the lower jaw down and push the tablet to the back of the throat. Close the mouth and with the head still tilted upwards, stroke your pet’s throat until the tablet is swallowed.

For larger dogs, gently tilt the head back and, using one hand on the top jaw and one on the lower, gradually open the mouth and place the tablet at the back of your dog’s tongue. Close the mouth and hold the head up until the pill is swallowed.

Capsules may also be hidden in your pet’s food. Alternatively, Denes Respiratory Support capsules may be pierced and the oil poured onto the food and Denes powders can be mixed in the food. For particularly fussy cats, you can also mix the powders with a tiny drop of olive oil, into a paste and smear onto the fore legs for the cat to groom off.