Phytotherapy - The use of Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicine or phytotherapy is based upon the use of medicinal plants to help heal. Underlying the philosophy of herbalism is one simple fact: without plant life we would not exist. All life on earth is dependent on plants; they form an integral and vital part of the ecosystem-maintaining the atmosphere, supplying a source of food, heat and building materials and, not least, providing an important means of natural healing.

Since we share a common evolution with plants, using plant based medicines to maintain our health and well being would seem to be only logical. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that around 85% of the world’s population still relies on plant-based remedies as their primary source of medicine.

Given the opportunity, cats and dogs will seek out wild plants such as GarlicDandelion and Nettles, amongst many others, to heal themselves when they are ill. Sadly, pets today have only limited access to medicinal plants.

The use of herbal medicines in the treatment of animals is certainly not a new idea. They were once widely prescribed by vets, but few, if any, remain in regular use today. However, herbal remedies and a good quality, healthy diet can produce excellent benefits in maintaining the better health and well-being of your pet.

Herbal medicines are a safe way of dealing with many common problems in cats and dogs and can be given alongside conventional medicine. However, if you have any doubt about your pet’s health you should always seek professional help from a qualified vet.

Since plants represent such a complex mix of compounds, it is hardly surprising that most herbs have several uses to which they can be put. The real art of using herbal remedies lies in the ability to understand the actions and effects of individual herbs and in being prepared to consider a more natural approach to health, a concept grasped by Buster Lloyd-Jones, the founder of Denes. It was from these ideas that Buster first put together the Denes range of herbal remedies and herbal supplements, which may be used successfully with Denes food ranges.

To help guide you through the complexities of understanding and using our herbal medicines, herbal supplements, aromatherapy products and foods, our special A-Z of common conditions and their natural treatments for DOGS and for CATS provides both clear and comprehensive advice and recommendations.