The use of Herbs

Buster Lloyd-Jones, the founder of Denes, passionately believed in the healing power of herbs.


Herbs are an important part of the diet. For example seaweed should be included to provide extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements; parsley acts as a digestive tonic; garlic is a natural antiseptic, which helps to deter parasites; watercress is a good source of iron; dandelion can be used to tone the liver and digestive system, while cleavers can help cleanse the lymphatic system.

Owners who follow the natural rearing regime often combine it with a one-day fast each week to stimulate the digestive juices and clear the body of toxins. Fasting is a natural process-cats and dogs in the wild would not eat every day-but, for the modern pet owner, it is not always practical. Denes will sometimes recommend fasting as part of a natural diet; if you think that it may be beneficial for your pet, please see our detailed fact sheet.