Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

Raspberry leaf is available as Denes Raspberry Leaf+ Powder


The raspberry is a deciduous shrub that grows both in the wild and under cultivation where it is farmed largely for its fruit. It has a woody stem with small thorns and serrated leaves which have a glossy green upper surface and a white felted appearance below. Flowering between June and August, it produces white flowers followed by the familiar juicy red fruits. In addition to its culinary uses, Raspberry has a well-earned reputation as a herbal remedy. The leaves which are used medicinally having been once employed in the treatment of sore throats as well as a wash for wounds. In the past Raspberry leaves were used in the treatment of childrens’ stomach problems and as a safe and reliable remedy for diarrhoea. These days their use is fairly well confined to dealing with conditions associated with the female reproductive tract.

How Raspberry Leaf can help

  • Raspberry leaves have an astringent (drying up) effect due to their tannin content which helps to tone tissues. It is this property which makes raspberry leaves so useful as a herbal remedy in treating diarrhoea and in helping check haemorrhage during and after kittening or whelping.
  • Raspberry leaf is also known as parturient. Herbs included in this category will help ease the process of parturition (birth) by toning the smooth muscle of the uterus. This assists the birth process by improving the strength and quality of the muscular contractions.
  • One of the other properties of Raspberry leaf is that of being classified as emmenagogue. Herbs in this category act on the female reproductive system and help to restore a state of balance to the system. This applies especially in relation to the bleeding that occurs during oestrus.
  • In helping to restore balance to the female reproductive system, raspberry leaves act as general tonic and can help ease the symptoms of false pregnancy in the bitch.

Indications for using Raspberry leaves

  • To strengthen, balance and tone the female reproductive tract
  • To increase the strength of contractions and ease whelping and kittening
  • To reduce the risk of post-partum haemorrhage (bleeding)
  • False pregnancy in the bitch

Denes Raspberry Leaf+ Powder

Denes Raspberry Leaf+ Powder is available in 60g packs and should be given from the time of mating and for the first 5 weeks of pregnancy as follows;

Cats, Toy & Small Dogs – ½ level scoop once daily
Medium Dogs – 1 level scoop once daily
Large Dogs – 1½ level scoops once daily
Very Large Dogs – 2 level scoops once daily

From 5 weeks into pregnancy until 2 days after kittening or whelping, give the above amounts twice daily.

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