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We received some great news from Chris in the New Forest about his collie, Mirk, who is not a fan of fireworks.

Mirk - taking a breather in the New Forest

Mirk – taking a breather in the New Forest

Chris writes:

My collie, Mirk, who I rehomed 6 1/2 years ago, as he did not have the confidence or the work ethic for sheep had the best bonfire season ever! He is now 8 and with the help of Bonfire+ drops has been sleeping in “collie corner” totally chilled out. Started the 2x daily dose 2 weeks ago and am so pleased with the results. Normally shaking and refusing to eat or go outside, but he has been eating and going out as normal. Such a huge difference to the skullcap and valerian have used before.

He is a real softy and just loves to play. We live in the New Forest, Hampshire and I use your products as part of the daily routine, vegetable tablets, Rhus tox /Arnica drops for Mirks’ arthritis, Vegetable tablets and Sulphur drops for my young spaniel, who has the usual smelly spaniel ears. Both are better for Denes.

Thank you.  Chris and Mirk.


We were delighted to receive an email from Jo regarding her pet cat ”Indus”.


“Just wanted to say thanks for such wonderful products & helping to provide many more happier & healthier years to my old dog Ari (rough collie cross). I am proud to say he lived to almost 16 years old.

He was diagnosed with chronic cystitis 6 years ago which resulted in continual trips to the vet for catheterisation, scans & antibiotics which only ever seemed to work short term. Since discovering Denes & giving Ari Denes Kidney Tablets & treatment with Cantharis 30c at first signs of a urination problem I had no more expensive & stressful trips to the vet which was an absolute God send & the condition became 100% manageable using natural medicines. Having been so impressed with these products & subsequently learning more about natural remedies & herbal medicines I changed Ari to an organic low protein diet & supplemented his daily food with Denes Garlic Capsules & Greenleaf Capsules. His arthritis improved significantly along with his coat condition & general well-being.

Although I am obviously sad at Ari’s recent passing I honestly believe that his life expectancy & quality of life was greatly improved by the combination of good food, regular light exercise & Denes herbal medicines & I am eternally grateful for those extra years he was able to spend with us.

Thanks again Denes for such wonderful products, advice & service to pets/owners. Keep up the good work!”
By Esther, Gloucestershire

Lucky’s Paws

“Lucky’s problem began two years ago this month after an evening walk on the beach. He developed kennel cough and sore paws that progressively grew worse due to the resulting low immune system. So it was decided to have him tested for allergies. This revealed that he was allergic to house dust mites and also to a particular ingredient in his then current food.

He was put on immunotherapy: weekly, then monthly, injections of a small amount of the allergy. At first this seemed to be effective and we were hopeful. He was also put on a special diet to help with his arthritis. However over last summer his condition deteriorated and he had to wear an ecollar continually. It was obvious that he was in great pain and it came to the point where I really thought he would have to be put to sleep. My vet was very helpful and suggested we try high steroid treatment which again worked initially but then failed. Along side the treatment I was constantly washing his paws. Finally it was suggested that we take him off the steroids as they would have long term implications for him and discontinue the immunotherapy. He should be put on a new diet for allergies.

It was at this time that I remembered the Denes products that I used to buy for my dog when I was young. I researched the Denes website and was offered some advice. Through a supplier in Jersey I was able to obtain what I needed for Lucky. Although I was advised by the friendly staff at Denes that it could take a while for the products to take effect, anything was worth a try.

So I switched Lucky’s diet to Denes Options for Healthy Skin. He has three Greenleaf Capsules after his meals and when his paws flare up I give him Rhus Tox. The result is a happy, healthy dog. Unfortunately he will never be able to frequent our lovely beaches like he did when he was young because sand aggravates the problem but he can go on pain-free walks and is back to his playful self.

I will be forever grateful to the wonderful products from Denes.”
By Maria, Jersey

Charlie, a changed girl!

“I bought Rhus Tox for my dog, Charlie, who suffers with quite bad arthritis, well what can I say, she’s a changed girl! Absolutely fantastic. ”
By Claire Timmins,

George – On active duty again!

“This is George aged 12, after a nasty slide on the ice last winter and the following day stuck in a bog, lives life to the max. We found that he had great difficult getting off the floor and just could not make the stairs. Walking was a hobble. And did not want to play with our other dog also a retriever aged 8 and very active and missed her mate playing. Lots of huffing from both parties. He has been on devils claw and green lipped muscle for a number of years, but these were not helping much. I bought a ramp so getting in and out of the car was made easier for him. Then a friend suggested Greenleaf Capsules. Wow, in a week there was a difference. After two no stopping him, full of bounce and stilll is. So they both have green leaf now. Tia has a sensitive skin and the scratching has stopped. Thank you so much for making George and Tia’s lives worth living again.”
By Jan Forest,

Lucy’s feeling better!

“We have put Lucy onto your Adult and Older canned cat food and she likes all the flavours especially the fish one. Her IBD problems seemed to have calmed down and I believe it’s the food that has helped along with the Digestion+ Powder, great help from you and would highly recommend you”
By Joy, Ruislip

Good old Strudel!

“I want to thank you for the help and advice I have received over the past 4 years – Strudel still lives on at 20 years plus! She is still able to check out her patch of grass and bushes outside the house – she is partly large collie and is lifted on the grass, and this stimulates her and gives her a sense of purpose in life. The important point to make is that her body systems function quite well – thanks to the Greenleaf Capsules and Kidney tablets which she has been taking for nearly 4 yrs now. Also thanks to your homeopathic vet for his advice, as she is still coping after several mini strokes which have made her quite confused at times. She may not be with us for much longer, but at least she is still enjoying a comfortable and active old age, and not sleeping endlessly in her bed. For that I’m very grateful to you all and for your excellent products.”
By Valarie, Hertfordshire

Holly’s Good News!

““A few weeks ago I gave a home to an elderly dark tabby cat, we think she is about 16 years old, her owner had died, no one wanted her so she was left to wander and fend for herself during the bitterly cold weather, she was picked up by the RSPCA and taken into the vets that I use for my other cats, her future was very uncertain, I was there with one of my cats and the Head nurse asked me if I would give her a retirement home, I saw her and of course that was it – she came home with me! She has no teeth but it doesn’t stop her enjoying her food! The worst thing was the dermatitis along her back, I decided to use your Liquid Garlic on her so twice a day, every day I combed it through her coat and she loved me doing it! After a week all signs of the dermatitis had gone her skin was clear and normal, her vet and the nurses were amazed. Holly sends happy purrs to you all and thanks you for making such a good product that has made her so much more comfortable”.”
By Barbara, Bournemouth

What Poppy problems?

“Just writing to thank you. I had tried my dog Poppy on various dried biscuits but they still upset her stomach. Then when I went into the petshop to buy her a harness, I explained about Poppy’s problem and the lady suggested Denes. Now Poppy has no problems with her stomach and loves your dry biscuits. She has them in her bowl, her two training balls and when I go to work, in her favourite toy, her black kong. ”
By Kathryn Bradbury, UK

Health Hugo

“Hugo is very healthy thanks to your great food!”
By Jon Crossley, Altrincham

Bouncing around again!

“I would just like to say how grateful I am for the quick response and support you have given us over the last few months. Our 14 year old Retriever was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his hips, shoulders and elbows. The vet had been giving him Glucosamine and Chrondroitin for a few years, when he started to show signs of stiffness. As you can imagine, we were devastated with the recent diagnosis. Our vet is very good and suggested changing our dog’s food, which we did. He also suggested a programme of anti inflammatory drugs. A blood screening was carried out and our dog’s liver and kidneys appeared healthy. As we have always used homeopathic and herbal remedies within our family, we asked our vet if we could try these with our dog. He was quite happy to allow us to look at alternative therapies and so we turned to Denes. You recommended Arnica, Rhus Tox and Greenleaf. We were very impressed with the prompt delivery. After several weeks of taking these medications, our dog is now bouncing around and his general mood has lifted. He manages a good walk every day and climbs the stairs quite well. He now only has the Greenleaf every day, with the occasional boost of Rhus Tox and Arnica if he shows signs of stiffness. Our vet is very impressed with our dog’s progress and has asked us to keep him posted. Thank you once again for helping to improve our best friend’s quality of life and for being there whenever we need advice. ”
By Victoria, Pembrokeshire

Great advice at Crufts

“Hello, after meeting you guys at Crufts and discussing my boxer who has inflammatory bowel disease, the Probiotic+ powder has worked wonders and I have just ordered some more!!! In a matter of a week she has been a very different dog and is not on her antibiotics.”
By Tracy, Chippenham

Toby whizzes on Rhus Tox!

“I just wanted to say how wonderful Rhus Tox is. My cat Toby is only six but was born with Cerebella Hyperplasia and has already developed arthitic knee joints. He found it hard to move around and as such became fairly incontinent. Rhus Tox has changed all that in only a matter of weeks. He is climbing stairs, jumping on and off furniture rather than scrambling/crawling and incontinent problems totally solved now he’s able to whizz into the garden. Thanks for this brilliant product!”
By Geoff Wakeling, London

Digestion Plus

“Last year, our Sheltie Cassie, who is now 12yrs old, had severe diarrhoea and the vet said his prognosis wasn’t good. However, after treatment he made a full recovery, but as he had always been prone to upset stomachs we decided to put him on Denes Digestion Plus tablets and since then he has been brilliant. He also used to have dreadful breath, but now he is fine. We had stopped taking him in the car, as this would upset him and with his long coat was not pleasant. Since Christmas, we have taken him with us several times and had no problems. So thank you Denes.”
By Carina Robinson, UK

Rhus tox

“My cat is eighteen and a half and has become “arthriticy”. Or at least he was until I discovered your Rhus Tox, He is now a different cat. Before he had to grapple his way onto the sofa, now he jumps; the stairs are not such a problem anymore either. I did try other things but if he detected them he would eat round them or not eat at all. I own two pet shops and have been in the business for 17 years and this is the first time something has come out that cat owners (especially) can use and know that there won’t be any fights over whether they will eat their food or not, not to mention the great results. Anyway many thanks for such a great product!”
By Maggie, Cheltenham

Praise indeed

“I have been browsing your site for a while now and I would like to take this opportunity just to congratulate you on how good your site is!”
By Eve, New Ollerton near Newark

Speedy, efficient, effective and oh yes – tasty too!

“I would like to say a big thank you for your speedy delivery of my recent order. I ordered the dog food yesterday and the delivery arrived this morning. I would add my dogs, Jessica and Fay, both cross cairns have been so much healthier since they have been having your food. They are aged 11 but act like puppies especially Jessica who had always been fussy about her food, not any more, they know when it is feed time and they start to hover, and run like crazy to get their food, it really is a joy to see. Thank you once again.”
By Doreen, Kings Norton

A Soothing Solution?

“I am writing to thank you so much for the prompt service that your company provides. Denes products are excellent. I’ve seen great success using Denes Skin Balm on all sorts of nasty wounds on cats and dogs.”
By Pamela, Magheralin, Northern Ireland

Healthy & Glossy on EPO

“Toby is 6 years old and has had skin problems which led him to being on a massive dose of antibiotics. Although this has helped, he was still left with some dandruff-type spots in his hair. Since he has been on your Evening Primrose Oil Capsules, this has cleared up completely. His overall general condition has improved greatly; he is livelier, looks better, moves better and generally seems a much happier animal!”
By Shirley, Rainham, Kent

A Solid Performance from Freddie

“Just a quick note to say how please I am with your OPTIONS Sensitive Digestion Dog food. My dog, Freddie, had Campylobacter when he was a puppy. Although he was treated for this, no food seemed to suit him as he always had soft motions. I can’t tell you how much food we wasted. Well now he is doing fine and he loves the food. Thank you very much!””
By Karen, Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Something to Crow About

“Dear Denes, its not only dogs that do well on your products. I rescued this young crow that had fallen out of the nest and was covered with fly eggs and just waiting to die. However, 2 weeks later on a diet of rice and Denes, the crow (called Duffy Moon after a film in which a boy finds a magic raven, the catch phrase being “you can do it Duffy Moon!”), is 3 times its original size and hopping, jumping and wildly flapping its wings! However our Collie Juno is not impressed that we keep taking her food tins away! “I have raised two dogs on Denes. It is a brilliant product; our last border collie lived to seventeen. On the few occasions when we have tried to give them a change and have switched to another product, the condition of their coats and general health goes down within a few days, so we always come back to Denes. And “Duffy Moon” obviously agrees, so keep up the good work!”
By Peter C, Sudbury

Garlic and Greenleaf Play Their Part

“Zebbie is about 3 years old and has had a skin problem since he was about 12 months of age. Latterly this has affected the area around both his eyes. Treatment from our vet proved ineffective, eventually reaching the stage where investigations were being considered. This we declined preferring more natural approaches. We decided to put him on a totally natural diet avoiding both yeast and wheat, and on your suggestion, we dosed him with both your Garlic Tablets and Greenleaf Tablets. “The difference has been astounding. He has regained his lost energy, his coat is now glossy and shiny and he has stopped rubbing his eyes and is now interacting with us once more. We would like to say a big thank you for your help!”
By Marion, UK

Garlic to the rescue

“Thought I must write to tell you. My little terrier started bringing in fleas in on her coat from out in the garden. I didn’t want to use chemicals on her. I wanted to use a natural repellent. Tried one or two well known makes but Denes Liquid Garlic spray and Garlic Tablets did the trick – no more fleas. I was over the moon to find something that worked at last.”
By Kath, UK

Natural alternatives for cat and dog!

“One year ago my young cat was diagnosed with renal failure, we were devastated, so we put him on Denes Green Leaf Tablets and Kidney Tablets. Today, I took him to the vets and he had a blood test, he has now been diagnosed with fully functioning kidneys and no sign of the failure. I and my wife are great believers in herbs and natural alternatives but this is remarkable and without these pills my cat was destined to a life of a couple of years, now he could go on for at least another 12. I shall continue with the pills for as long as he lives. We also give our elderly dog your herbal products and what a difference in him. A few months ago his immune system was very bad but now, at 11, he is like a young dog again, even the vet is amazed. We are lucky our vet is a believer in alternatives. Many thanks to everyone for these products, long may you continue to help us pet owners who believe you can help and cure illnesses without drugs.”
By Laurence, Lancashire

Brilliant Milk Thistle Plus

“I just had to write to say how brilliant your Milk Thistle Plus Tablets are. My 13 year old cocker spaniel has had blood results back today and her liver enzymes are all back to a ‘normal’ range. Previously, 2 of them had been high. I credit this entirely to your Milk Thistle Plus Tablets – which my vet recommended. Many, many thanks and please don’t EVER stop making them!”
By Lyn, Leicestershire

Abby’s good test results

“My dog, Abby, is a 12 and a half year old Cocker Spaniel bitch and she became incontinent in July 2006. It was diagnosed that Abby had a chronic bladder infection and there were crystals in her urine which did clear up after a short time. It was also mentioned that there was some protein in her urine around that time. I got a second opinion on Abby’s general condition last September and the result of the urine test was that Abby’s sample showed a significant amount of protein in her urine, at a ratio of 2.2. As a result I started giving Abby Denes Kidney Tablets and when she had another urine test in December 2007 the ratio had gone down to 1.6. Abby has just had her third urine test with our current vet and the ratio has gone down to under 1! I am obviously delighted and can only put it down to Denes Kidney Tablets.”
By Mrs Wade, Ashford

OPTIONS for healthy skin and coat

“I just write to let you know of my experiences with your Options Complete Cat Food. I have 4 cats, 3 of which have had skin problems in the past. One cat in particular has suffered greatly with itchy skin, to the point where she had actually started pulling her own fur out. I bought some of your ‘OPTIONS Dry Cat Adult Healthy Skin Rich in Chicken & Turkey with Rice’, (not feeling optimistic I have to confess) but the change in my cats has been quite extraordinary since I’ve been feeding them this food. Their skin and coat has improved, and the cat that used to pull her own fur out has stopped doing so completely. Thank you!”
By Lisa, South Wales

Tranquil Plus helps lift the clouds

“I have used Denes products for years with full satisfaction, so when my young Labrador started showing signs of depression which then went onto panic attacks, I put her on Denes Tranquil Plus Tablets. She is much happier and calmer now. Thank you all at Denes, you never fail to help your friends in the pet world and of course give the owners confidence. I’ve got all Buster Lloyd Jones books and would never part with them.”
By Dawn, Norfolk

Making a real difference

“I have a rescue dog and she has very sensitive skin, probably as a result of untreated flea infestation prior to her rescue. About 2 months ago I switched to using your tinned food and wholegrain mixer. I’ve seen a marked improvement in both her skin and her general health and fitness. It’s made a huge difference to her quality of life. Thank you for your superb products, which I am now recommending to my friends.”
By Sheena P, Cannock, Staffordshire